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I hope that this tutorial provided a good introduction to the Ember framework and was maybe even fun along the way. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if anything is unclear or needs further explanation.

Where To Now?

If you want to keep learning I recommend reading through the Ember Guides and the Ember API Docs. They are very detailed and they do an excellent job explaining all the nuances of Ember.

Beyond that, I think building your own applications is the best way to learn.

Extending this Tutorial

I’m considering adding more to the tutorial to cover more Ember topics. If you’d like this then let me know. Also, if there’s anything in particular that you think would be cool to add then please tell me.

This tutorial is on GitHub, so you could even add a chapter yourself if you want to!


Thanks for giving my tutorial a read, and best of luck on your Ember journey!

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